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The experience accumulated over 45 years of constant activity has led OCM to accumulate an increasingly important presence on the market.
Over the years, the company has undertaken the manufacture of packaging that ranges from the construction industry to the chemical and oil, food, automobile, and paint industries.
The wide and tested range of packaging is made possible by an extremely versatile production that allows the creation of formats ranging from 0.25 liters to 30 liters, of a standardized type or with special characteristics to meet specific needs.

The easy-open containers, in their various types, are equipped with an anti-cutting system that is patented throughout Europe.
Since 1991, OCM has adapted its technology to the European regulations that also provide for approved containers for the transport of dangerous goods by rail, road and ship.

With the objective of making the entire work cycle more efficient, the transfer from the production lines to storage in the warehouse has also been automated. The semi-worked product, such as a closure bottom or cover, is created in the molding department in compliance with both standard criteria and specific needs.

The professional training of the OCM employees assumes a strategic role in the production: the skills acquired and the continuous updates, parallel to the development of technologies, allow the knowledge bank to be constantly amplified, thus becoming a crucial resource.

Tinplate is a laminate of extra-soft steel, covered by a layer of tin on both sides. It joins the mechanical strength, ductility and weldability typical of steel with the resistance to corrosion and attractive appearance of tin.

It is the ideal material for the creation of solid and safe packaging that can preserve intact the authenticity and integrity of the product.

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